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From January 2020 to the present day, European citizenship is being victim of the greatest experiment of social control in the entire history of Humanity, for which Europe has been turned into the epicenter of the Globalist Agenda that through the strategy defined as Agenda 2030 imposes a new human right, called Sustainable Development Goals.


Under the umbrella of sustainable development, strategies and objectives are applied by International Organizations, through the European Institutions, Governments, entities and corporations… bringing society to its knees, depriving it of all dignity as a human species, in a dreadful loss of citizens’ sovereignty.

The imposition of the 17 sustainable development goals and 169 targets on the States violates the deepest part of the democratic system: the rule of law, undermining legal certainty, the separation of powers, the hierarchy of norms and participation in decision-making.

The 17 Objectives and targets, their effectiveness and enforceability, are not legal norms, although they are implemented as such. They are dictated by the UN, but the reality is that they were envisaged as values or principles., but never with binding legal effects.

On the other hand, they are now accepted, both in the European Union and in the Member States, and their postulates, reasoning and foundations are becoming demands on citizens. This breaks the rule of law since international organizations should not develop legal norms and principles that are extended and imposed on state regulations without debate, vote, referendum, and legislative control.

Otherwise, it will be creating de facto, as is currently the case, a world government, subject to invisible and hidden powers that make the decisions, where the democratic system of separation of powers, normative hierarchy, and participation in decisions is violated, breaking the sovereignty of the States with the implementation of the new world system.

The 2030 Agenda states, already in its preamble, that “will save us from the tyranny of poverty“They say that they are impoverishing us to save our lives, but they are enriching themselves without exposing their own. The aim is not to eradicate poverty but to create a new political system to suppress the rights of individuals in favor of a false benefit as a collectivity.

Agenda 2030 is the heart of a circulatory system called ‘transhumanism’, which aims to stop humans from being human to become biotechnological posthumans, replacing our humanity with artificial intelligence.


International Organizations, the Institutions of the European Union, Governments, political parties, media, large corporations, transmit the message of fear to the entire population in an insistent and premeditated way, making terror a strategy for the gradual suppression of the fundamental rights and freedoms of every European citizen. On the basis of panic, anguish, lies, and mistrust, rules were enacted to limit movement; isolating us from our social and cultural environment, inhibiting our freedom of expression, denying us the care and companionship of our most vulnerable loved ones, and devastating the humanistic philosophical substrate on which our Western civilization rests. Legislation was passed to isolate us in our homes, lock up the elderly population in residences, apply inhumane sanitary protocols, act for the social control of the population; with discrimination, coercion, finger-pointing and imposition of measures with no scientific basis. All the measures, artificially maintained for more than three years, served to bring huge economic benefits to a few privileged sectors and caused the bankruptcy or weakening of almost the entire business sector.

One of the most imprudent and pernicious events was the massive inoculation of drugs never before tested on humans, without providing citizens with sufficient information about the products being administered; and making invisible -through blackmail, intimidation and moral judgments of citizen behavior- the transparency essential to be able to make a free and informed decision about the so-called “drugs “Covid-19 vaccines”.This is a flagrant violation of the fundamental rights of European citizens, including their health, which continues to be endangered by those who continue to undergo this prophylaxis, still in the experimental phase. Millions of Europeans affected by the adverse effects are not being cared for or helped by the governments that pressured and even forced them to undergo the injections.

Our rights are being trampled and public money is being squandered, disobeying democratic legislations; with hardly any reaction capacity on the part of the citizenship that, subdued by terror and incommunicative manipulation, is resigning itself, deceived and frightened, to the accelerated formation of a totalitarian system throughout Europe and the World where it depends on objectives, imposed by the UN and other international satellites, where the executive power, the legislative power and the judiciary is broken before the imposition of such objectives.

The manipulation to which the population is being subjected covers all human dimensions – labor, psychological, economic, spiritual, affective… – and has instituted, de facto, a context of permanent hostility; where lies, governmental disinformation, censorship and larceny have been massively established in European society. To this end, the role of the media is essential, serving as a propaganda channel to justify the imposition of a single way of thinking through censorship, persecution and denigration of opinions that do not agree with the established story and the way of approaching it from the political power; or, simply, silencing, marginalizing and criminalizing any voice that requests a public debate on the matter.

We know that the media’s refusal to question and audit the political apparatus has had a lot to do with the large economic sums received through institutional advertising -in a purchase and sale of wills- and with the investments of the large shareholder groups that own them and share interests with the pharmaceutical, textile, food and arms industries.


Many Europeans, in order to defend themselves against institutional violence, have been forced to create alternative channels of communication and information or to form networks in defense of their rights through civic associations that have fought in the courts, and have been subjected to enormous pressures that should never occur in supposedly democratic states governed by the rule of law. In view of the legislative changes that are being implemented and the decisions taken by governments on other issues, the advance of totalitarianism will depend on the organizational capacity that citizens themselves develop to defend themselves. It is up to all of us – free, equal human beings with no conflicts of interest – to guarantee rights and freedoms, without renouncing them, whatever happens, for the well-being of subsequent generations, even putting our own lives first, in defense of our children and loved ones.

It is time to organize to defend ourselves as a species, as men and women, as biological and civilized human beings.. We are not alone in defending our fundamental rights, we have each other, with independence, as individuals who own ourselves, to maintain sovereignty over our own bodies, over our fields and over our natural resources.

Each one of us is now essential to defend ourselves from the theories and practices of the New World Order that, with the fraudulent excuse of the Sustainable Development Goals, are destroying, with their impositions, at the cost of our health and Human Rights, any hint of humanity.

The globalist imposition of totalitarianism in Europe will only be possible if society continues and remains resilient, narcotized, docile, trained and in clear renunciation of its freedoms and rights. However, we, the citizens, have decided to defend our fundamental rights, even with our own lives, and we will NEVER give up our fundamental rights.

A grouping of citizens, non-partisan, that is not interested in the stagnant politics of the parties – not even in being constituted as such – but in the defense of the general and particular interests of the people. FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF HUMAN BEINGSThe world is ready to FIGHT to defend what is most intrinsic to our being, FREEDOM, DIGNITY and JUSTICE.

Each one of us feels obliged to take the initiative to confront the current institutional parasitism from the institutions themselves, from the European Parliament -legislative origin of the problem-; presenting this CITIZEN’S MOVEMENT, to empower CITIZENS in the defense of their human rights and with the purpose of going to the European elections of June 2024 as a Grouping of Voters.

We demand to know the truth of everything that has happened and that political, administrative and judicial responsibilities be clarified; as well as to reestablish the legal duty of the authorities to respect and guarantee, in the present and in the future, all the fundamental rights that have been and continue to be violated.

We do not align ourselves with any ideological axis of those that until now have served only to confront some citizens with others, to domesticate us, to make us obey without question the single thought – that only way to interpret reality.

We have not ‘woken up’ to confront each other, in the end the syllogism THEY or WE, is not part of this movement because it would enter into the game of globalism. We created this movement to dissolve the farce they have created, not to confront the human being itself. We consider that the defense of freedoms and fundamental rights is, and should be, the meeting place for citizens who have developed awareness of the danger that threatens the entire human population in this crucial historical period.

We are told by the Globalist Agenda that “we will have nothing and be happy”We reply that, if we are not allowed to have anything voluntarily, we prefer the freedom to have everything. If we surrender our will to them today, we will allow them to continue to become our masters tomorrow.



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